Tuesday, May 15, 2007

and the beat goes on....

I took the dogs in a day early so I could prepare for my vacation. Yep, I brought them back too early in the process, but they were wearing Mom out, work is wearing ME out, moving is wearing me out, surgery is wearing me out, hell’s bells, I’m just wore out. I was too tired to take my vacation at Christmas, so I think my previous vacation was in August when we went to California.

Well, the road trip with Sue to pick up the car in October was practically a vacation. It was sort of a vacation with a purpose. We both really needed a big dose of staring vacantly at the open landscape, punctuated with visits with my relatives and the trip to Monterrey Bay. Sue is in Florida this week picking out a house and ordering room service...another vacation with a purpose.

This is probably the longest I’ve gone without vacation in, well, recent history. I am normally a frequent, short vacation person. But life and health and all that intervenes.

My goal now is to get John and I moved in time for me to go on the Noel Campout/Kayak trip. Then I have to find a job. Actually, I may try to freelance, temp work through the end of the year because I have a couple more vacations planned that I don’t want to miss.

Someone asked me if I was too busy to take time to be ME what with all the elderly relatives-but I replied “I’m always me” and my first rule is that I look out after myself. No one has the luxury of me being able to crack up at the moment, so I’m taking careful emotional, physical readings.

Still, moving back to Oklahoma is embarking on a whole new emotional journey, and I am not going to ignore the ghosts from the past issue. But shit, ghosts from the past or unknown future landmines-isn’t it always something?

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