Friday, May 25, 2007


Quitting and giving the notice only gives the workplace freedom to torture you just that much longer. And yet, I cannot, just simply cannot walk around telling the emperor what nice clothes he has on. Even for the next two weeks. I wish I could, I try to, but it just isn't in me.

For instance, even if I didn't like a person, if they were on a train track, and the train was coming, I'd say "look, the train is coming" and then if they chose not to listen, oh well. But for some reason, a certain idiot is trying to get me to drive the damn train off the track that they are standing on.

It's like "c'mon Deb, drive off the cliff and when you're gone we'll blame it on you".

Today the freak actually tried to threaten me by saying "we'll get someone else to do it if you won't" and I said "fine, you do that.".....but of course there IS no one else so I was not saved from further torment.

The situation is a little bit akin to being asked to slip the needle in your vein AFTER you plan your own funeral. Why would I do that?

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