Wednesday, May 2, 2007


If the rain keeps up I may have to take the kayak, put it under the Scotty, and build an ark. Then I will sail away with my 4 dogs, 1 cat, 4 gerbils (at last count and 13 snakes.

One of my study interests in grad school (remember, I am the world's best educated highschool drop out) was how the "new" communication mediums affected us-meaning humanity and society. It seems like we need more "exposure"....for instance, I blog instead of journaling. Some of that is ok-we are sharing more-but some of it makes me wonder. Oh, god, here I go sounding old, but I've noticed especially young women seem to feel a need to be the center of attention always and at any cost. People who I KNOW work for an hourly wage and struggle to make ends meet walk around with bluetooth sets hanging out of their ears so they can talk to anyone at any time.

Now if you are shopping for the best bargain on soap and beans, why on earth do you have a $300 THING in your ear? And why on earth would you want one?

I'm one of those weirdos-I love my technology, but I use it for ME. My cell phone is for my convenience, not so you can contact me 24/7 because you have my number and want to talk. Hell, I don't even answer my home phone if I don't feel like talking (or it's my mother). Some of my friends take exception to that, and we are not so close any more. Others are just like me.

Please, if I call you at a bad time, do not feel obligated to answer the phone, and then make us both feel bad because you are trying to get off as quickly as possible. Just let voicemail pick up...I'll tell you if there is something you need to know, I'll tell you if I need just to talk when you have a moment, or I'll tell you I was just thinking of you.

I did hang up on my parent's voicemail today. Yes, my parent's got voicemail, but they didn't tell me (and they didn't record a private message) so I just assumed I had the wrong number.

This whole life in a fishbowl thing just isn't for me. I'm on call at work 8 hours a day-I get paid to answer the phone and answer people's questions. At home, everyone else is subject to caller ID.

It doesn't mean I don't love the caller if I don't answer, it just means I am busy, maybe driving, maybe handling a 10ft python, maybe just following a thought on my blog.

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