Monday, May 28, 2007


From my dementia rescue post:

This group more than most understands how precious memories are. I wanted to wish you all a happy memorial day.

I am making progress towards going home-getting things in order, step by step. My parents need me more than I realized-for instance they asked me when I came on Saturday why I didn't load the truck up since I was driving up anyway. (I can't walk and I don't have any place to put the stuff yet). Rather than get upset, I just blurted out "well, I can't walk and I have no place to put my stuff" and then we all had a good laugh.

Mom and I had fun shopping for necessary items and we finalized the arrangements for Uncle John. Having a unanimous choice of facilities for him was a huge relief to me-ultimately I do have to make the decisions, but this time I enjoyed the help.

We went by my old highschool (US Grant) which is now in rubble-the new highschool has been built. When I couldn't get three bricks with red on them (I am very unsteady on my feet) my Mom went out and got two more for me (I could only reach one).

Those bricks are now precious-not because they came from my highschool, but because Mom and I got them together. Memories are the foundation of who we are.


Now, I am not abandoning my midlife crisis. But part of the deal is figuring out who I am, who I was, and where I fit in. Midlife is the tricky part where the rules change all over again.

Remember in Star Trek, the movie, where Kirstie Alley quizzes Captain Kirk about changing the rules so he could pass a test? Maybe Captain Kirk knew something we didn't. Maybe the rules are only the rules if we all agree that's what they are.

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