Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cosmic Hokey Pokey

First a funny story. A co-worker brought in a pile of flowcharts he'd printed, there were 5 copies of 4 pages, all out of order. I quickly looked through and then sorted them. The issue my co-worker had with it was that I sorted them face down. When flipped over, they were in the correct order. It was a rainman moment and I really don't understand it. Unlike the movie, I can't bring call the ability at will.

Then a revelation of sorts. A late afternoon thunderstorm combined with a spicey oyster dish and a nap to come up with the mother of all weird dreams. No need to explain the ingredients, I understood where they came from and what they were trying to tell me.

Big whammy one-Forgiveness is something I need to learn right now. No surprise, I've been struggling with it for awhile. Bigger whammy-things that aren't mine to forgive are not mine to dwell on either. I am not responsible for the hurts that other people have put on other people....I didn't do it and I can't forgive it. It just isn't mine. Some of the baggage I've been carrying around for a really long time was empty-it wasn't mine, it never was. I need to let all that go.

Believe it or not-for many women the idea that we are not somehow responsible for every ill thing that befalls those we love is a huge huge revelation. Come on ladies, crawl off the cross or your martyrdom symbol of preference.

Psycho babble says that we make ourselves responsible because we'd rather be in charge than admit we are powerless. There is merit to that-but I think there is also a simpler answer-the world of full of people who will yell and point at you and say "what did YOU do?"

Yes folks, it's the cosmic hot potatoe tactic. Or the I'm rubber you're glue, what (shit) bounces off me and sticks to YOU. Try being the rubber today-don't let other people load down your soul bags with their shit. Remember the bigger whammy from above-if it aint yours, don't tote it around.

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