Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Buying a duplex is not downsizing, even if you only intend to live in half. My Uncle will never be able to leave assisted living, my parents refuse to move to Dallas.

So, I have to make plans to find a small house and go on alone.....all alone.....just me, the cat, four dogs and 13 snakes, one Scotty, one kayak, one dog cart.

Ok, compared to most people I AM downsized, believe it or not. I will be the first to admit, surrounding yourself only with what you use and or love makes for some strange decor. My house would be a good candidate for one of those makeover shows, but the only improvement would be about 30K worth of high quality show room vivariums for the snakes (they did do that on one show) and I am fresh out of 30K's. That's where the tools came in.

On the Scotty front-it's a good thing I haven't untarped-it's another week long rain. Bah.

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