Sunday, May 27, 2007


A run up to OKC to get John's place worked out, floors picked out and furniture ordered. A nice steak lunch (thanks Ma) and back home. Well, that took two days actually and I had to use a cane for the last part-I'm beat and ready to lay down to rest.

As for the work thing-there came another evil option in my brain whilst I was on the highway. Has anyone ever seen a great movie called Emperor of the North with Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin? Well at one point, the conductor (Ernest Borgnine) got the train moving sooooooo fast he reckoned the hobo (Lee Marvin) oouldn't jump on it. But the smart hobo got ahead of the train and diverted it on to another track-where it was going to go head on with another train. The train made it to a side junction, but had to stop for the other train to pass, and on hopped the clever hobo.

So, that is what I was thinking about when "be the hobo" popped into my head. Let the dumbass speed that train just as fast she wants, but pick my own moment to hop on or hop off. It's her train and her trainwreck, she just doesn't realize it yet (because she won't listen to me).

And that gets back to my baggage observation. It aint my baggage and it aint my train...and by golly, I AM the one who gets to decide that.

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