Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 9 and 10 of 21

I don't feel right about complaining about the weather when we are just cold and I know people buried in snow-but DANG-it's cold.

I brought home 3 project dogs-2 young male pups and an older female-chihuahuas-and potty training in 14 degrees is not fun.  Pancho, Lefty and Dixie are handling it better than I think.  It does make them appreciate a cuddle when I go to bring them in-bonding assistance.  Silver lining I suppose.

Marilu Henner called and left a recorded message for me as part of the vegan kickstart.  Yeah, I know it was a recordng and I know it was more to plug her book-but you know what-I LIKED it.  I was at staples and I got to turn to a stranger and say "Wow, Marilu Henner just called."

I know some pretty accomplished peopled-but they are usually people known within a small circle of people-not folks that the lady in the Staples aisle would know.  So, I was chuffed.  I even remembered to post it on Facebook.

Today I am making fuzzy melon soup and will contemplate cooking next week as opposed to my current strategy of buying healthy vegan fast food.  It's still cheaper than a trip through the drive through, and much healthier-but how hard can it be to cook a pot of rice?  EGADS-does this mean I am contemplating giving up my precooked rice too?

Yeah-I know I'm lazy in the kitchen-the best strategy for me has been to make easy to heat healthy food available-and that's been a good start.  But I think I could do better.

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