Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 of 21

I really suck at topical stuff-I'm going to post 21 days but I can't think of 21 minutes of things to say about vegan kickstarts, let alone 21 days.

I feel better today because I didn't gorge on high fat salty food.  Well, DUH.  Not much to talk about there.  Oliver the Parrot likes brown rice which is odd because he will not touch white rice.  Ok...done talking about that.

Some people got upset when I mentioned the vegan thing-not my folks who would not be surprised if I said I had taken up eating road kill for environmental reasons-I'm a food freak and always have been.  It just amazes me that anyone cares one way or the other what I eat or don't eat.

 In Texas I had a guy get really rude because I asked if there was meat in a certain burrito at Taco bell.  He was in line behind me and he made some kind of snarky comment to me.  I turned around and said "HOW RUDE" because that's really all I could think of to say and he's wife yelled at him and I laughed and said it was OK.

I suppose it really wasn't OK-but I really didn't care what he thought I was going to eat my burrito the way I wanted it-and people tend to talk to me in lines.  Some day I am going to make a list of embarrassing and TMI shit people have revealed to me in lines.  I have one of those plain faces that people just want to talk to and tell things to.  Lucky me.

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