Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 16, 17, 18 and 19 of 21

I've made some tasty stuff this week.  Caramelized cabbage and soy crumble tacos, a butternut squash soup.

Vegan is easy at home and harder than hell at a sit down restaurant.  I'm trying to decide what I want to incorporate on an ongoing basis.  I have no interest in always being the deciding vote about where we go eat.  I read an article that said vegans and vegetarians often influence the choices for groups.  Pfffft.  I don't want to be the pain in the ass EVERY TIME.

I am sure I will rely less on dairy and more on soy cheese, almond cheese etc.  I'm going to give up my butter habit-that was freaking TOUGH but I see benefit from doing so.

Someone asked me what the point was if I was going to do 21 days and not make LASTING change.  I think people are far too rigid-which is why they never ever try anything new.  They walk out and declare "I AM A VEGAN" or "I AM A  whatever" and then don't talk about it if they change their mind.

I've been cautioned against being thought of as a person who tries too many things-I find that laughable.  The key word here is TRY.  I hate labels.  LOATHE them. I am not any of the things I do.  I am not any of the things I try.  I continue to do what I enjoy-until I don't enjoy it any  longer.

There was once upon a time when I actually loved accounting.  Then I loved compliance work-yes it fascinated me.  Now I pretty much love hanging out with my dogs and OTP and the cats.  It doesn't pay as well, and that is somewhat of a problem but there are trade offs in most things.

Someone this week told me they were "afraid" to try a food.  Really=afraid?  Cause if you are truly fearful of having a taste you don't like in your mouth for a few seconds then I think you might have bigger problems.  It just goes to show how emotional we all are about food.  Because honestly-why should I care if so and so is afraid to try a food-yet I did care.  See-I can turn those laser eyes on myself too.

I guess the over riding answer for all of this is I don't know any answers-I'm just trying things to see what works and keeping what does and tossing away the rest.  If I were planning to have a tombstone-it wouldn't read "She ate meat" or "She ate no living thing".

I won't have a tomb stone-so I took a great deal of thought in preparing Uncle John's.  His reads "I Y'am what I Y'am".  I don't think he'd mind sharing it with me since I won't have one of my own.

However, after day 21 I might put a little cheese or butter (just a drop)on my yams.

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kj said...

ms debra kay my friend, this is well written, thoughtful, wise, informative and abit hilarious. all my favorites.

i agree totally and then some. didn't we live that way in ptown? hey, do you remember that book reading? that was a new thing to try, right? hahahahahha!

take care of yourself, either, every way.