Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20, 21 and beyond

Vegan is tough-I suppose being hard core rigid ANYTHING is tough.  It wasn't tough from the standpoint of not having things to eat-it was tough having the appropriate stuff available.

I really do see a difference in aches and pains from less dairy and NO Splenda.  I will be taking artifical sweeteners off the menu permanently.

I watched Food Inc. and have downloaded Earthlings.  Control of our food supplies is scary, and something we'd all be better off thinking about.  The solution is simple-vote with your dollars.  I will pay more attention to my own garden this year-try to produce more things I will eat vs. things I just like to watch grow (aka-SAGE).

I will purchase more vegan product and rely less on dairy.  I joined a food coop and will be eating free range eggs and focus on locally grown produce.  I think that will make me a healthier person and make the economy healthier as well-again-voting with dollars for the kind of world I would like to have.


Mim said...

Sounds like a plan deb

studio lolo said...

Splenda and the like are poison.

have you tried the calorie free natural sweeteners? I use Truvia, which I love. I used to use Stevia. You can get it in granule form or drops.
Truvia can be found at the local markets, while Stevia is more of a health food store item.