Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 5 and 6 of 21

Not sure where yesterday went-I was busy and meant to post and never did.  Ah well.  My favorite Chinese place, Dot Wo, worked up a tofu dish for me that was awesome and I've been eating on it for two days now.

I seem to be a little more acid sensitive since I am not pounding down the dairy.  I can't say that I am cranky because I haven't cut out sugar or carbs (that always makes me really cranky) but I do not feel like accepting a bunch of foolishness either.

It's a bizarre feeling-I can't say that I get mad easily-but I do speak up more easily about things.  I have no idea what, if anything that has to do with meat or animal products.  Maybe it has more to do with turning 50.

I also seem less likely to try to explain my point of view.  If I need to, I can and well, but if it's something that ultimately I have to decide I'm ok with just deciding  and saying "ok I hear you" if someone disagrees. People seem to spend an awful lot of time espousing their points of view and very little time acting on them.

I'm trying to talk less/do more which is great because it turn that gives me something to write about.  I write better about what I just DID than what I'd like to do.

Today I went with Bandit (a chihuahua pup) to pick up our raw meat order.  At the meat truck I bartered some chicken hearts for some ground chicken (a lady needed the hearts and I had the only bag, which I did not need).  I felt like a modern day cave woman-and it was a weird thing to do during my 21 vegan days.

I don't mind being a little odd.  My dots will connect eventually.

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