Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 of 21

Today has not started well-my prozac got stuck.  I don't know what is in that formulation-but it is the nastiest taste on the planet and when it sticks and comes open I foam and puke and wretch loudly for about an hour.  If anyone has ever seen a dog or a cat bite into a droncit tablet (Lolo) it's the same concept.

Yesterday I bought some interesting vegan food to help keep my interest up.  The health food store has some prepackaged, microwavable indian dishes which I enjoy.  They are a little pricey-but cheaper than a restaurant and if I like them I might make bigger batches.  I hate making big batches of things that I don't care for-I then feel obligated to eat it.    I readily admit I treat myself like dirt sometimes-often without even thinking.  I would never ask anyone else to eat several meals of something they didn't care for.

I also got some gluten free stuff-I'm sure my aches are in part due to slipping up a bit on that.  I'm not terribly allergic-just sensitive-but I need to watch it anyway.

We are down to one rescued parakeet now-the second to the last passed a day or so ago.  Parakeets are odd-they look fine and then are just dead-no real warning.  Mice are the same way.  I decided to leave this guy in his flight cage even though he's alone-it's the safest place he's known.  He calls a little to Oliver the parrot now-who still hates him but will call to him just to be nice.  Oliver never liked the parakeets-he only likes other African Greys, dogs and cats.  You'd have to ask him why that is-I have no idea.

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Mim said...

Oliver...why don't you like the little parakeet????