Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 7 and 8 of 21

Day 7 involved the flu that came on the latter part of day 6.  I first thought it was the cold front making me achy-but then the sore throat started and even my eyes began to hurt.  Oh yeah houston, we have a flu.

I took the shots but something always slips by them it seems. In spite of all my caterwalling it was most likely Flu Light-I was really achy and cranky and then I slept for most of Sunday.  Today I feel like I have HAD the flu vs I HAVE the flu-so that's a good sign too.

The Tofu/Eggplant I got from Dot Wo's was my snack project for the weekend-that stuff is better cold than it is hot-and it gets better each day that passes.

My stomach still feels "odd" which I think is from the lack of dairy.  I really do eat more dairy than a person ought to-and I will try to be more mindful of using substitutes.  Tofu cream cheese really is just as tasty as cream cheese.

I wonder if some of my vitamin absorption problems don't stem from having a colon covered with -OH_KJ_STOP RIGHT NOW PLEASE.........Never mind.  I am not going to finish that thought-just restate that I eat too much dairy and need to work on that.

Oliver the parrot does NOT like tofu-it looks like cheese cheese cheese but is not-and he isn't fooled and he has spoken.  NO tofu for OTP.  He does like hummus chips and pappadums (lentil chips)-but does not like soy chips-he's just not a soy fan I guess.

He's started his January molt so I'm giving him more nuts and of course his favorite remains wanna CASHEW?  HUH?  YES?  CASHEW CASHEW CASHEW.  He pretty much approves of the 7 day vegan thing-except, of course, for the soy.

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Mim said...

I think you're getting to me with this clean diet. I wanted meatballs last night and couldn't stomach them