Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I learned to squeal HELP HELP while I was away.  The woman doesn't find it amusing.  I, on the other hand think it's funny funny funny.

Today was METER MAN day!  OH OH OH-barking barking barking.  The woman went out and I yelled and yelled QUIET QUIET!!!!!!  HELP HELP QUIET!!!!  Those dogs would never shut up if it weren't for me.

It is spring spring spring outside. OUTSIDE.  I say "You wanna go OUTSIDE?" a zillion times a day and that stupid woman does not get the hint.  What does a bird have to do?  Monday while she worked I divebombed her head-HINT HINT HINT.

I even snapped at her when she tried to put me away.  Ooops, that wasn't very nice and I was sorry.  Someone please draw her a picture.  SPRING + WARM =Stupid Woman pull out my Patio Cage and put the bird OUTSIDE

The dogs are outside.  The cat gets to go out into the garage.  The woman is boring and I want to go outside.  OUTSIDE!!!!  YES.  NOW.

How hard can it be? TAKE THE BIRD OUTSIDE.  HAW.  FREE THE PARROT!!!!!


kj said...

oliverm do you fly alone on airplanes? just wondering, wheels turning.

i would guess it is still too cold for you to go outside. the woman does love you, you know, and she needs you to be tender for the time being.'

so i think you should suck it up for now.

your friend,
ms. kj

Teri C said...

Oliver, I have a new appreciation for you since the cockatiel flew into our lives. She is SO entertaining but can only whistle and not talk like you do.


Mim said...

Ollie - it's a bit cold outside for a silly little bird and the woman is perhaps wiser than you!! but happy animal wednesday anyways, we've missed you

Robin said...

Oliver, I can tell that you are an AMAZING, Oh-so-intelligent Bird....but for now, listen to KJ and to me....stay calm, and stay indoors! Spring IS coming.... and "the woman" really loves you.
Suck it up! You WILL have your moment(s).

Squawk, Squawk!!!!

♥ Robin ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I willl help you all I can Oliver, "Let the bird outside". HAW.