Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Truth About Oliver the Parrot

I went to pick Oliver up yesterday.  My lawn was treated earlier this week and I'm uber careful-since he was gone anyway, I wanted to give it time to clear out.  Anyway.....

There he say-holding court as the only bird in the boarding room.  He had a window view of the store, including Popeye-the venerable old Grey.  In the boarding room were several cages of dwarf rabbits and baby guinea pigs.  Oliver loves animals smaller than him-they are easier to boss.  Needless to say-he was pretty chuffed with the set up.

I walked in and he ran over and dipped his head for a scratching.  I squealed "Mister Bird Mister Bird" and he squealed his high pitched greeting noise.  Happy reunion.

Then the shop girl came in and he ran over to HER and dipped his head for another scratching. HOLD UP.

She informed me he does that all the time.  Yes-it's true-Oliver the Parrot likes women.

In other news, his former owner was at the store while I was gone and she cried.  I felt bad about that, but she did say he looked good and seemed well.

With the new travel set up-he can ride in the car in his travel cage-no dog cages for him-and he seems to enjoy car rides too.  So, a few trips under our belt there is much less parting trauma on both our parts.  He' s smart enough to remember the bird store and the people, and he LIKES women and guinea pigs.

He also seemed glad to be home though.  I let him watch Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine-and he settled in to bossing Prissy around (much to her distaste).  It's still too cold to let him go into the sunroom-so I moved him by the front window so he could look at that yard for awhile.  Come on summer!


soulbrush said...

a parrot that watches sesame street and thomas has to be the coolest dude alive. face up to it debs, you missed him more than you will ever admit. hope you are continuing to get along slowly but surely.

kj said...

HAHAHAHAHA! oliver likes thomas the train? what about henry and gordon and james and salty?

i know all this because mr. ryan likes thomas the train.

welcome home, oliver. the woman is behaving for the time being...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like Oliver's life is enriched when he gets a vacation. Glad all are adjusting back home.

studio lolo said...

I'm pretty sure having those shows on would drive me nuts ;P

Good thing for Oliver you don't mind them! Maybe the next thing you should get him is a couple of guinea pigs!