Saturday, March 27, 2010


I haven't blogged much about what's going on inside of me lately.  I'm in a transitional phase (I love that term) and it's all kind of fresh and tender.  It's definitely all part of the whole midlife crisis thing.

I'm really GETTING it that there are just some things I'm not going to be able to do/achieve based on physical limitations.  My orthopedic surgeon would probably hit his knees and shout "amen" if he read this.  To put it nicely, I frustrated him.  As horseman, he would approve of Casper though-no impact on my leg-I just need to stay on top of the horse and off the ground.

As my leg has improved I've pushed and pushed and now have achieved the ability to push to the point my ankle and foot hurt.  Oh yeah I forgot about that.

I appear to be in a period of mourning for my lost abilities, or lost illusions.  And I AM mourning them even as I plan around.  I am in no way ready for the easy chair-I just need to make the necessary modifications to keep ME comfortable.  Some of those modifications include modifying goals and expectations.

I will never have the speed to compete in a National Agility dogs do, but I don't.  Fortunately, the dogs don't care.  My goal for them and me is to run clean (meaning we go in the proper order (my challenge) and no knocked bars or refusals (their challenge).

One of the dogs is starting in flyball.  Again, we can't travel to be really competitive, but it's a sport where the dog does most of the work.

Oliver is startng on the path of therapy dog.  He's old enough and calm enough now and let's face it, he's cute and people like him.

I am attending a Freestyle (dancing with dogs) seminar to see if that's something we could do.  I know the dogs could do it-and it's choreography (something that fascinates me) so you can choreograph around your strengths and weaknesses.

Casper has walked with me for several weeks now, and he's about to start work on my arms as I have got to get that loose hair off him.  My good patient golden boy is such a work out partner.

Oliver the Parrot continues to guide the household.  He's impatient right now because the sun says it's spring, but the temps aren't there for him to go outside.  He really seemed to enjoy boarding this time, and riding in the car.  I like it his world is expanding.

Ok, one more time I start talking about me and move into the animals.  Oh well.


studio lolo said...

Well, as someone who 'knows' you and loves you, I had a feeling you weren't quite right in your world.
The blogs have been quiet on Wednesdays without Oliver the parrot and I'm waiting for Easter to get over so you can get back to Kiss My Ass Tuesday!

And don't forget we're going to see you at the end of April, right?
We have family coming from Germany but they'll have to do without me for a day and a half or two days. Brian can take care of Emma and Bliss.

Take it slow and easy Deb. That was a hard fall you had and then you had a nasty virus on top of that AND a winter that also kicked your butt.

Be nice to yourself. We're here for you ;)

xo ♥

kj said...

ah deb, it is nice to hear from you. i've been wondering and worried....

you know i've been limping since my minescus surgery two years ago. i can't walk distances and i hate that. last week i got myself to a physiatrist (MD of physical medicine) and to a specialized physical therapist and they both think i can strengthen and coordinate my muscles for the endurance i so miss.

so don't give up please. your injury is still very fresh and plus you've been sick and the weather has been mean.

and don't forget about your web based businesses. you know you can do that in your sleep, and you're a whiz.

pep talk temporarily completed.

ps you are LOVED!


Debra Kay said...

That bites-I just lost a well thought out and long reply.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is frightening to realize we aren't 30 any more. Sigh~~ There is a whole world of things you can do out there Deb. You are such a talented person. Your muse will lead you in the right direction.