Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Home Home

Not all of us yet-Oliver and the little dogs come home today.  I am downloading Norton-I picked up a nasty virus while I was gone.  I will upload pics from Starbucks, but I'm not doing anything involving a credit card-sorry if you guys got weird mail from me while I was gone.

I can't put any pics up now-the virus scan is taking all my processing time....LOL, but I got some great ones.  I left my handy purse cam at home and made myself learn to use the NIKON.  OMIGOD.  I kept getting separated from the group because I'd wonder off looking at the light and how it hit this brick or that flower....LOL.  Fortunately I have friends who either understand it totally or tolerate it as a charming quirk.

There was SUN in Texas-and the sun and the shadows just blew my little brain-LOOK-sunlight on a leaf....OH LOOK_sun on the water...LOOKIE LOOKIE-a SHADOW!

Yet another lower end movie cam has been banished-I LOATHE it.  It was on Austin Duty and I missed great shots.  I'm putting it in the drawer though-it's water proof-and better than nothing-but reliable enough for the most casual trip-NOT.  I went to the camera store and had someone let me try out what they had-I found a sony that is a younger sibling to my good but heavy one-and it works the same way and uses the same batteries-SCORE.  It wasn't cheap-but it wasn't too bad either-it's not high def so it was marked down.

I'm feeling some moving picture pressure.  I am going to the AKC agility nationals at the end of the month-and still shots are nice, but video is really needed.  I am working on a commercial website now, and I have to be current on all the bells and whistles to compete with other web sites.  WAAAAH.

Norton is still scanning but I need to move on for now.  Anyway-I'm home!


kj said...

deb,i'm home too!

i have alot to catch up on but i just wanted to tell you now that i can feel your positive energy in this post. you sound great.

and i can't wait to look for shadows with you next month.

love love love

studio lolo said...

yay, two of my favorite ladies are back!!

Deb, Brian's computer had a complete meltdown and was in the shop for 3 days. Nasty ass virus (I forget the name.) It did a complete memory dump. Thank goodness the guy was able to save his data.

There's a special place in hell for the little buggers that create viruses.

I'm glad you're happy ;)

I hope Oliver doesn't come home with any bad habits!


soulbrush said...

welcome home, i was beginning to wonder who all those strange people were that you picked up on holiday and gave my e mail addie 'sound' so much better. i am so relieved.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome home. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy now.

Mim said...

missed you...missed you!!!