Friday, December 5, 2008


I want to live in the backwoods in a mansion made of trash
Travel the country on 200 dollars cash
I want a zillion animals
But able to leave at the drop of hat
I don't really know what I want
Whats up with that?

Why do we have to choose.  One life is not enough.


Fern said...

yea I know I know...and hell, when do the furry ears kick in...

haha better be careful what I wish for.

Mim said...

I always think.."well - next time around..."

kj said...

maybe someone nice will stay with your animals, give you money without strings,and clean your mansion.

how about that?


soulbrush said...

'leave at the drop of a hat' appeals to me....' don't know what i want'....IS me! I want what i want when i want it...but when i've got it, do i want it anymore???

studio lolo said...

I want ti live in an old farmhouse by the sea,
decorate it with hand-me-downs and thrift shop finds.
I want to sit in an overstuffed chair that cocoons me so I can stay hidden in books that nourish my soul.
I want to be taken care of in some small way~
a cooked meal, flowers for no reason, and oh God, a day off.
One full, glorious day all to myself. Imagine that!

Sorry. I got carried away! What I want may change tomorrow too :)