Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Animal Wednesday-Oliver takes the helm

Greetings Humans!  I have come to share my wisdom.  First is a picture of a being my human servant calls "Cousin Mocha".  He's a Slim (my word for dogs), but I do rather admire his hairdo.

Last week my human was gone a lot, distracted even more and did something horrible called "cleaning the kitchen"....smelly liquids on the floor, chemical stink everywhere.  THEN, she put away my peanut sack.  I've been known to nip over to the counter if the peanuts aren't forthcoming and get my own.

One morning she left me in the back room while she went off to "visit".  So, I took matters into my own wings and flew down the hall into that ghastly clean kitchen, bare of all decent food.  I opened a few cabinets, found something called Egg Nog Protein Powder, tore the top off it.....bleeeeech.    The human came back and found me playing in the powder on the floor-it clearly wasn't fit to eat.  Then she picked me up, petted me and gave me some grapes and pignolias.  She did mention there was a bowl of SEEDS ready in the back room, but I must have my fresh fruit and veg midmorning, or at the very least a peanut.

Apparently humans designate some days as special days or "holidays".  It doesn't seem to make them very happy-even though you hear the "happy holiday" phrase a lot.  Me, I think every day is special-why pick one or two a year?

Another human trait is that you need some cue or event to laugh.  Who is training you?  I can't see a thing, yet you won't laugh unless you get that mysterious cue.  Me, I laugh just cause I like laughing-maybe you should try it some time.

Happy Animal Wednesday-I must take your leave now, as there are some choice grapes that need my attention.  Ha ha ha hah haaaaaaah!   HAW!


studio lolo said...

First of all, that photo could win a contest! So cute. And Mocha matches the bedding!
Oliver, you're lucky you have a great human who loves you even after you got protein powder all over the clean kitchen! She's learned long and hard when to pick her battles :) And I agree with you about laughing out loud without a cue. Just go for it! But be careful who's watching. Sometimes humans are known to be carried away in little white jackets if they're laughing too much for no apparant reason :P
HAW you wacky guy!!!!

soulbrush said...

i agree with lolo about the photo, it's priceless, but when i read 'i took matters into my own wings'....well, i then fell about on the floor laughing so hard, i am sure that oliver heard me across the pond!

Debra Kay said...

My cousin (not sure if it was Cindy or Phil) took the photo of Mocha.

It's so gratifying how Oliver has gone from a bird who was afraid in his own cage to one who fearlessly takes flight down the hall and who dips his head to be petted.

Some family member asked why I wanted a bird that other's couldn't hold (which is a damn strange question, who wants to hold a bird?) and I blurted out "i didn't buy him to amuse YOU, I bought him for me." Oliver is the typical one person African Grey-he's never going to go on pet star-but he adores me and I adore him, and we are quite content with that.

The same could be said for Moon-I've stressed with him that he listen when I say enough, but I don't let everyone handle, work with him. I don't want him fearful of other people, but he needs to maintain that independent mind set if he's going to work stock. He's a family pet, but only for MY family.

What's really funny is he has no patience for people who aren't dog people, but will work just fine for someone who knows dogs-Moon and Oliver neither one will suffer any fools.

Teri C said...

The photo is pricelss and the commentary is hysterical!! Thanks for the laugh.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes Oliver, humans are way too serious. One should laugh more often for no apparent reason. I am glad you got some grapes too.

Mim said...

Oh Deb - this is so great. I agree with SB, I "took matters into my own wings" knocked me down - how wonderful. And yes, poor Oliver can't hear our silly cues for giggling but you can tell him that his commentaries are priceless and make us all laugh.

HAW to everyone in your house

human being said...

Hey Oliver, gimme five!
you are much wiser than humans... i always knew it...
your account was both fun and a life lesson...

i love Mocha's hairdo too...