Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAW and HNY and Ho Ho Ho

Happy Animal Wednesday, Happy New Year and Ho Ho ha hahh haaaaaaaaaaaaa. I forgot all about what I was going to tell you because the METER READER came this morning and I had to yell at the Slims to shut up until I nearly lost my MIND. Seeds and Sagebrush. The noise. The foolishness. The mayhem.....ho ho haaaa haaaaa haaaaa-I do so love it when the Slims get upset.

One of the Slims has a name like I do. I am Oliver, and the white Slim is Prissy. Now that I've realized she is a sentient being, I've been practicing her name. We've even sat in the same chair a few times to watch the blue screen on the wall. It's boggling, this concept-a Slim with a name.

I've learned another thing too-some of the things I eat have names. My favorite is the crap-you know, those little fruit balls that grow in clumps. For some reason, every time I say "crap", my human servant laughs. She's funny that way.

HAW! (I'm so glad I got to take over Animal Wednesday), everyone needs a voice.


MuseSwings said...

Oliver, you are so thoughtful, giving Debra the day off from blogging. Would you please wish her and all of your buddies a happy and healthy new year!

Debra Kay said...

Yes, I'm a very thoughtful, pretty pretty bird!

studio lolo said...

And you're humble too, I see!

I thought for sure you'd show your Christmas card for last week's AW.
I guess I'm showing my humble side!!
Happy New Year Oliver. Make sure you keep the slims in line for 09!!

Debra Kay said...

Yes, well, that woman hasn't opened the mail in weeks, and when I go to take over, she fusses at me. She's very foolish, because I shred paper better than anyone, and that is not being, uh, anti humble, it's being truthful.

Lolo, I see we think alike, and that mere mortals do not appreciate us as we should be appreciated. (I will speak to the woman about the mail, she needs to get off her sad tail feathers and get moving. Ridiculous! That's what it is, REEEE DICKT U LOUS.)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That woman doesn't need a paper shredder when you are around does she Oliver? I do hope that you make sure your human has a wonderful New Year. She deserves a wonderful fun filled new year. Yes sir, you work on that for her.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I forgot to wish you a HAW too. Don't forget to enjoy the rest of the day.

soulbrush said...

and your spelling is excellent too ollie. as far as i'm concerned you can come and shred my whole house anytime your human wants a break from you, just fly over to london and i will be waiting. happy 2009 to you and all that madhouse you live in. hugs xxx

Debra Kay said...

oooooooh, soulbrush, my dear friend! I'm sneaking on even though it's not MY day....heeeheeeee heeeeee! Hmmm, it's my post, maybe that's the real rule, I can speak on my posts any day I want to. Oh, who are we kidding? I do as I please anyway.

I'd love to visit you in London sometime, but I will have to have my human make arrangements. My flying is limited from the back of the house to the front of the house...but I have learned to hover! That's a blast, but hard work.

The people who cared for me before clipped my wings-this flying thing is new for me, I quite like it.