Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My human has been quiet the past few days and I am left to brighten the air with sound.  She did rouse herself to call and cackle a bit with me this evening. 

 It's been frightfully cold and dreary outside, and being left to my own devices by the gloomy human, I've perfected my cabinet door opening abilities.  She does manage to rouse herself from her funky thoughts when I swing the cabinet door open and begin rummaging through the contents.  Rattling the wine bottles is sure to get her  running in.

She did boil some navy beans just for me-I've been snacking on them and grapes, trying to improve my waistline a bit.  I've been hitting the pignolias a little too hard lately....well, that and the whipped cream and the cheese.....yeah, time for a little holistic intervention or I'll be too fat to fly.

This picture has nothing to do with any of that-it's one taken this summer of the small Slim they call Prissy.  Since it's been cold, Prissy has joined me in the kitchen on some days-she's about as much fun as a gloomy human-she sniffs on the floor and ignores me unless I throw something on her stupid head.  I like it when she barks cause then I can tell her to "shaddup!", but if she won't bark I just yell at her to shaddup anyway.  Why should I depend on her cooperation for MY amusement?

For some reason the gloomy human decided I should say "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas"....and I had a delightful time pretending that I was going to do it....I'd say Haaaaaa   Haaaaaaa FAAAAART!!!!!!  She'd brighten up get all hopeful looking at the first Haaaa-then BAM, I'd let her have it.  Hey, a bird has to do what he can to keep himself amused.

Since she's been so quiet, I've been walking over to her and going "Huh?" as if she's said something I didn't quite hear-it confuses the hell out of her.......heh heh heh heh heh......Like I said, a bird has to do, what a bird has to do.

HAW HAW HAW........(FAAAAAART) to you all!  (fooled you didn't I?)


Mim said...

Smart Birdy - you know that your human has to laugh at you. You are the best medicine for her so keep up the anal jokes and things will be OK. As far as dieting....well....I guess you should take off an oz or two, but don't get obsessive about it.

Give your human the bird equivalent of a kiss and hug from all her Animal Wednesday friends.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver you are such a rascal. I am glad you keep an eye on your gloomy human. She needs your attention right now. As to the dog, well, Prissy is cute. I bet you can fool her every time.

soulbrush said...

okay oliver, you're doing all the right things...keep her busy and occupied and say 'your friends are all thinking of you!

Debra Kay said...

I already knew how to cry-but when she starts crying I cry too-for just a minute, then I fart or laugh or howl and it always makes her start laughing too. She's a simple creature, easily amused. When she cries, her nose runs and she sniffs and it sounds a little bit like cool whip-wish she'd run to the store and get some-it's giving me a craving.....Oliver

Teri C said...

You not only made your human laugh, I was about rolling on the floor over here. Great medicine you are.


sukipoet said...

Debra Kay I am so sorry about your uncle. You were so kind and lovely to midwife him through this time of his life. You may or may not know that my mom, aged 90, also died on December 2 and her 91st b-day was Dec 8th. I cant tell you how much I miss her. I am sending you hugs and prayers as you process all the feelings and thoughts that must be going through you right now. Many blessings, Suki

Debra Kay said...

Suki-thank you-I'm just trying to feel the feelings as they come.

studio lolo said...

Animals are the best medicine :)
Good job Oliver!