Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HAW-YOU Decide

I have attempted to help my human be more tidy. I helped her the other day by flying over to a drawer she left open and shredding and sampling the contents and that wretched woman dared to say "shoo" to me! Beaks and Feathers! "Shoo?????" Who says "shoo"? Apparently people who leave their kitchen drawers open where I can see them, that's who.

You tell me-is she an ungrateful creature or what? I punished her by clicking my beak when I saw her...and drove her crazy by hopping over to her and saying "huh?" when she was saying nothing at all......ooooooooh yesssssss, that's just so funny. I could do that all day. She's like Pavlov's freakin dog-I say "huh?" and she's compelled to look at me.....heheheheheeeeeee.

Many of my adoring fans have sent me bags and bags of toilet paper rolls, my favorite shredding item. All the snakes are now too big for them, so I no longer have to "share". Birds don't share well.

My human and I are taking in some creatures for "Christmas". A few weeks ago, someone left a box of about 150 parakeets on the side of the road-the night the first freeze came in. About 100 made it. The rescue society wants them to go in groups-which means they will not be finger pets-but I think, and my human thinks, that I will enjoy watching them in a flight cage. So, we decided to take a few in. I've known parakeets before, I already make a perfect "keet" song and actually I'm looking forward to having more of my own kind around here. (As long as they stay in their own cage, never go in my kitchen or take too much attention away from me).

We'll take three or four of the ones least likely to be chosen-won't they be excited when they come home and see that they have a new, big cage and a supreme Grey Being to worship? Oh, Nuts and Berries, they will be amazed when they get a load of ME.....aaaaaaaahahhhaaaaaa.

Next summer, they'll move out to the aviary on the front of the house and we'll move my sleeping cage over by THAT window so I can continue my tutelage of them. Yeah, it's cool to live with a crackpot who screens in flower beds-hahahahhaaaaaa. I may just forgive her for saying "shoo" to me.

Here's a big Christmas Eve/Animal Wednesday kiss for you all......HAW and mwwwwwaaaah!


kj said...

oliver, you and debra kay are angels that walk the earth. this information comes to me from parakeet city.


studio lolo said...

How the heck can someone just dump 150 parakeets? Sick. Thank goodness for you and your human, Oliver! Please don't teach them your vulgar habits though...and I mean that in the nicest way :)
Did you get your card? If not, keep checking the mail!
HAW big guy...and same for your mom! Er, human.

soulbrush said...

i love keets, wish you could send a few my way. you and your human and all those four legged things they call dogs have a super xmas and stay sane till next year. squawk!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver you are such a dear to allow your human to bring in some keets. You will be amused and your human will be kept busy feeding the livestock. You will no doubt get the required attention. Your human is very capable. HAW

Mim said...

I agree with KJ - how can someone DO that! It boggles the mind and thank god for you two.
Merry christmas to you both and to all the keets.

human being said...

Oliver, you're blessed to have this unique human as your closest friend...