Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Nice Day

My best buddy Moon and I went for a long drive, played in several parks on different surfaces and textures (cement, rubber, plastic, metal, wood) and climbed on logs, bleachers, etc. We shared an Arby's lunch and went to the bird store to select the mansion for our new friends. We ended up with one that will hold about 40, but we are still only getting 4-I just want them to be comfortable and be able to flap around and get some space to themselves if they want.

Moon got a new collar and a new harness. We went to harness up for a bike ride and his old harness was like 2 inches too small-he's growing into a big boy.

My mind seems desperate to hold on to his relaxed feeling, so I'm just going with the flow. Moon didn't even realize we were having a training session-he just thought we were out for a nice long drive....and so we were.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you had a marvelous day. I hope you show us some photos of your new inhabitants in their new mansion.

studio lolo said...

Oh what a wonderful day for you both! And the keets will be so happy and safe in their new home. You have an immense heart :)

soulbrush said...

so nice to hear you 'upbeat', good omen for the coming year debs. i bet oliver screeched 'where were you dimwit? why didn't you take me with?' when you got back!

Debra Kay said...

Oliver was ok with it-Prissy-not so much. She has decided she will be the car riding dog. So, I have three dogs that love the car, two that don't mind the car, and one that hates it (but no longer pukes).

This morning I gave Oliver a bounty of toilet paper rolls stuffed with peanuts and newspaper to shred (3 of them at once) so he's feeling like king of the mansion.

We get our new flock next week and it will be interesting to see how reacts to other birds. Since they won't be the holding kind of birds (birds in groups usually don't hand tame) I'm betting he'll be ok with it (as long as they aren't allowed in the kitchen).

I've known several 'keets that have been hurt or killed by bigger birds-they are the chihuahuas of the hookbill world-don't know their own size....oh crap, Oliver is rummaging through the kitchen drawers again.....