Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I learned to squeal HELP HELP while I was away.  The woman doesn't find it amusing.  I, on the other hand think it's funny funny funny.

Today was METER MAN day!  OH OH OH-barking barking barking.  The woman went out and I yelled and yelled QUIET QUIET!!!!!!  HELP HELP QUIET!!!!  Those dogs would never shut up if it weren't for me.

It is spring spring spring outside. OUTSIDE.  I say "You wanna go OUTSIDE?" a zillion times a day and that stupid woman does not get the hint.  What does a bird have to do?  Monday while she worked I divebombed her head-HINT HINT HINT.

I even snapped at her when she tried to put me away.  Ooops, that wasn't very nice and I was sorry.  Someone please draw her a picture.  SPRING + WARM =Stupid Woman pull out my Patio Cage and put the bird OUTSIDE

The dogs are outside.  The cat gets to go out into the garage.  The woman is boring and I want to go outside.  OUTSIDE!!!!  YES.  NOW.

How hard can it be? TAKE THE BIRD OUTSIDE.  HAW.  FREE THE PARROT!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Candle Gone

I received news today of another person lost.  I was going to add her name to Renee's candle, and instead the link broke.  Was someone trying to tell me to let it go?

Like Renee, Red was larger than life-a lot of woman wrapped up in a feisty package.  So much woman that  don't think any of us really believed she'd die-leukemia was just another thing for her to push past.  But, die she did, and a family member posted in her accounts to let her online family know.

Red was on her way too the hospital when Denise and I were on our way to Dallas.  We had intended to meet her for coffee-instead she went to Waco and never left.  It is highly likely we passed along I:35.  So  close, yet never to meet.  I was bringing her a pair of boots, they are still in my trunk.  So sad, one more thing left undone.

So sad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Whoop De Do Whoop De Do!

Isn't that what Jackie Gleason said?  Anyway-that worked as a new phrase for Oliver to replace some of the less savory things he was saying.  The bird kennel reported he said it and not the other things.

BUT-he also came back with a new phrase "HELP  HELP!" which he finds completely and utterly hilarious.  He'll get himself all worked up and yell "HELP HELP" in a long drawn out weedy voice-then laugh and laugh and laugh.   When he's really feeling clever, he'll mock slip on his perch and shout "WHOA!".  I really think he has some three stooges or old comedy shows in his history.

Last night I wanted to watch TV-remember we only have one.  He found Oprah and "Life" utterly boring.  There is something on Animal Planet tonight I want to see, so I'm going to give him a few hours of cartoons this afternoon so he doesn't feel all neglected.

I did work out the he meant to say SIT for that other thing he was saying-because he used in context with a click noise (I clicker train the dogs).  Be that as it may-he has a slight lisp and someone not familiar would think it was the OTHER word.  Whoop de do is a much nicer thing to yell out on a spring day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Haiku Bones-Two O'Clock

My insomnia
Seconds drag by so slowly
Tick tock two o'clock

For more haiku fun visit haiku bones.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I haven't blogged much about what's going on inside of me lately.  I'm in a transitional phase (I love that term) and it's all kind of fresh and tender.  It's definitely all part of the whole midlife crisis thing.

I'm really GETTING it that there are just some things I'm not going to be able to do/achieve based on physical limitations.  My orthopedic surgeon would probably hit his knees and shout "amen" if he read this.  To put it nicely, I frustrated him.  As horseman, he would approve of Casper though-no impact on my leg-I just need to stay on top of the horse and off the ground.

As my leg has improved I've pushed and pushed and now have achieved the ability to push to the point my ankle and foot hurt.  Oh yeah I forgot about that.

I appear to be in a period of mourning for my lost abilities, or lost illusions.  And I AM mourning them even as I plan around.  I am in no way ready for the easy chair-I just need to make the necessary modifications to keep ME comfortable.  Some of those modifications include modifying goals and expectations.

I will never have the speed to compete in a National Agility dogs do, but I don't.  Fortunately, the dogs don't care.  My goal for them and me is to run clean (meaning we go in the proper order (my challenge) and no knocked bars or refusals (their challenge).

One of the dogs is starting in flyball.  Again, we can't travel to be really competitive, but it's a sport where the dog does most of the work.

Oliver is startng on the path of therapy dog.  He's old enough and calm enough now and let's face it, he's cute and people like him.

I am attending a Freestyle (dancing with dogs) seminar to see if that's something we could do.  I know the dogs could do it-and it's choreography (something that fascinates me) so you can choreograph around your strengths and weaknesses.

Casper has walked with me for several weeks now, and he's about to start work on my arms as I have got to get that loose hair off him.  My good patient golden boy is such a work out partner.

Oliver the Parrot continues to guide the household.  He's impatient right now because the sun says it's spring, but the temps aren't there for him to go outside.  He really seemed to enjoy boarding this time, and riding in the car.  I like it his world is expanding.

Ok, one more time I start talking about me and move into the animals.  Oh well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Set the Record Straight

I really try hard to do what I'm told and if some people can't hang on after they tell me to trot, well what is a boy supposed to do.  I also like looking straight at the camera, and that lady is always complaining that it's not my best angle.  LOOK at this face-there is not a bad angle on this face!

Why, I look good even when I'm making funny faces.  Did you know Mr. Ed was buried in Oklahoma?
When the lady thinks I'm being silly she sometimes calls me Mr. Ed.  I think I may start referring to her as Wilbur.

This is not ME-this is Dazzle-she is one of my fair ladies. She always looks away when the lady is trying to take her picture and she (that woman) says she's not going to fiddle with her any more.  Look at her, she's so tiny next to me and so delicate-grrrrrooooowl.  But the lady says it doesn't matter much,  because I'm a gelding.

This is Macho.  He's a stallion.  What does HE have that I don't?  Hmph.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Let's see-we had a giant blizzard but it was too cold to stick for more than a day or two.  I planned to nest during that time but Casper got sick and I spent a lot of time with my big boy.  He's all better now but he's a little confused as to why we all got interested in his poop and taking his temperature a zillion times.

Prissy is a little on the puny side and Daddy has the flu.  My leg still hurts, but not as bad.  I'm heading out to the stable in a bit to check on my guy.  I did send off 5 postcards this morning-I am either caught up or ahead on mailing-hope to open and scan mail tonight.

This weekend I am going to the AKC National Agility Finals with the dogs-we are practicing dog travel.  None of my dogs will be competing, but we can dream.  That is, we'll go if everyone stays sound.  Fingers crossed.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of us got new hairdo's

Cody is sporting his usual spring lion cut-GRRRRRROWL....

Oliver the Dog has a Schnauzer cut going on.  He looks much softer here than he did a few weeks ago.

But fear not-he's still fierce!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Truth About Oliver the Parrot

I went to pick Oliver up yesterday.  My lawn was treated earlier this week and I'm uber careful-since he was gone anyway, I wanted to give it time to clear out.  Anyway.....

There he say-holding court as the only bird in the boarding room.  He had a window view of the store, including Popeye-the venerable old Grey.  In the boarding room were several cages of dwarf rabbits and baby guinea pigs.  Oliver loves animals smaller than him-they are easier to boss.  Needless to say-he was pretty chuffed with the set up.

I walked in and he ran over and dipped his head for a scratching.  I squealed "Mister Bird Mister Bird" and he squealed his high pitched greeting noise.  Happy reunion.

Then the shop girl came in and he ran over to HER and dipped his head for another scratching. HOLD UP.

She informed me he does that all the time.  Yes-it's true-Oliver the Parrot likes women.

In other news, his former owner was at the store while I was gone and she cried.  I felt bad about that, but she did say he looked good and seemed well.

With the new travel set up-he can ride in the car in his travel cage-no dog cages for him-and he seems to enjoy car rides too.  So, a few trips under our belt there is much less parting trauma on both our parts.  He' s smart enough to remember the bird store and the people, and he LIKES women and guinea pigs.

He also seemed glad to be home though.  I let him watch Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine-and he settled in to bossing Prissy around (much to her distaste).  It's still too cold to let him go into the sunroom-so I moved him by the front window so he could look at that yard for awhile.  Come on summer!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photos from the Pasture and Feed Store

This place is a bad bad place-many extra dollars spent here....LOL.

It was windy and the mares were being silly-cow hopping and acting the fool.  This is Casper's girlfriend Dazzle-at least HE thinks so.

In his dreams, she runs to him, nostrils flaring, mane flying.  In reality......

She gives him the cold shoulder-LOOK, but don't touch or I'll kick you in the teeth bad boy!
More mare nonsense-just running cause they can!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Photos from Texas/Oklahoma

A stream by the condo.

A duck along the riverwalk in San Antonio.

LOOK-blue sky in San Antonio!

Driving home I pulled over cause the light was amazing-see how brown it still is in Oklahoma?

More amazing sky/light despite the brown.

Oh yeah, I remembered the Alamo.

There were people on my trip but I never know who cares and who doesn't care for pictures posted, so I usually don't just to be safe.  Ok, I admit it-the nikon shoots better than the purse cam.

Home Home Home

Not all of us yet-Oliver and the little dogs come home today.  I am downloading Norton-I picked up a nasty virus while I was gone.  I will upload pics from Starbucks, but I'm not doing anything involving a credit card-sorry if you guys got weird mail from me while I was gone.

I can't put any pics up now-the virus scan is taking all my processing time....LOL, but I got some great ones.  I left my handy purse cam at home and made myself learn to use the NIKON.  OMIGOD.  I kept getting separated from the group because I'd wonder off looking at the light and how it hit this brick or that flower....LOL.  Fortunately I have friends who either understand it totally or tolerate it as a charming quirk.

There was SUN in Texas-and the sun and the shadows just blew my little brain-LOOK-sunlight on a leaf....OH LOOK_sun on the water...LOOKIE LOOKIE-a SHADOW!

Yet another lower end movie cam has been banished-I LOATHE it.  It was on Austin Duty and I missed great shots.  I'm putting it in the drawer though-it's water proof-and better than nothing-but reliable enough for the most casual trip-NOT.  I went to the camera store and had someone let me try out what they had-I found a sony that is a younger sibling to my good but heavy one-and it works the same way and uses the same batteries-SCORE.  It wasn't cheap-but it wasn't too bad either-it's not high def so it was marked down.

I'm feeling some moving picture pressure.  I am going to the AKC agility nationals at the end of the month-and still shots are nice, but video is really needed.  I am working on a commercial website now, and I have to be current on all the bells and whistles to compete with other web sites.  WAAAAH.

Norton is still scanning but I need to move on for now.  Anyway-I'm home!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haiku Bones-Pregnant

Burst forth with new life
Scatter stardust to the wind

For more haiku visit Haiku Bones.


I'm back in town-gotta clean a virus off the laptop-sorry if you've been getting weird e-mail.  Piles of mail and post cards and such to sort out.  Limping still, but maybe not as much.  Vacay was wonderful-many fine friends, much fine food, some great photo ops, new perspectives and all the things a vacation is supposed to bring.

I've had a Casper visit (fat and happy) and the three BC's are home.  Monday I get the small dog crew and Mister Bird.  He (Oliver) was wayyyyy to interested in his surroundings when I left him, so I am sure he's got new tricks to show me when he comes home-heaven help us all.  At least there were no macaws or really LOUD birds there when I dropped him off-those tricks I can do without.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Haiki Bones Infestation

For more haiku fun-visti Haiku Bones.

Ache, stiff, sore, shiver
Incontinent pee
Age infestation

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gone Soon

I'm heading out for Texas in a few hours.  I will pick a friend up at the DFW airport and we'll head south from there to Canyon Lake.  The house feels empty without the dogs and OTP.  I'm tired and my back and legs still hurt, but I am very much excited about seeing friends, maybe dancing, maybe a glass of wine.....all that kind of stuff I don't get to do very often.

Be safe while I'm gone, be kind to each other.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Suited For Re Entry Major Tom

In order to clean up the house a bit and do laundry to ready myself for vacation I have resorted to artificial aids.  I did some research and ordered a groin brace-and it's not here yet and I have things to do.

I tried a do it yourself wrap job which convinced me the brace will work well-but the wrap wasn't so great. So, I bought compression shorts.  This is basically a half of a wet suit, but I know from my bogs (muck boots) neoprene really does keep the muscles warm.

So, today I suited up to do the dishes.  I am wearing undies and a workout bra/tank top combo. On top of that I have a compression shorts.  I have a t shirt.  I have capri pants AND a soft ankle calf brace from foot to knee.

 As luck would have it the hip/thigh/groin that is wobbly is right on top of my forever wobbly ankle, and a twist of any of the those would probably set off an unfortunate chain reaction that I don't even want to contemplate.

I don't really care what it all looks like IF it will work and buy me some work time.

Oh, I also have a donut pillow to increase my sitting time...I pretty much mangled my sit bone area.  At least I can sit through an 30 minute show now...progress!