Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why bother?

I bought myself some flowers
To cheer up my day
And sent them to you instead
You didn't see the blooms
You didn't see the gesture
And neither day was cheered

What a fucking waste.


soulbrush said...

not a fucking waste
you bought them
you gave them
you tried
hell that's worth everything.
i see it
i see you!

studio lolo said...

No act of kindness is ever wasted.

Consider this a drive-by hug.

kj said...

if you had asked me i would have advised to give them to yourself and be overjoyed by the lovely gesture!

kj said...

debra kay, if you don't mind my two additional cents: whatever you're looking for, look no further than your own good heart. what you seek is right there.

Debra Kay said...

Wise words KJ. It certainly isn't anywhere I've been looking. The trick is not to become embittered or angry because it isn't under that particular stone. Getting mad at my parents for being somewhat cold natured is a little like getting mad at a stone for being a stone.