Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thinner Still

Kids, Old People, Food
Heaven or Hell-it's pretty much what you decide it is.

I'm choosing heaven-I've seen hell and it wasn't for me.

Gratitude and Love and Sleep on Friday Night

Let's just say I suck totally at sitting back and letting other people's failure to plan
Blow up in their face
But damn, I'm good in the trenches under fire

And for that I'm Thankful.


MuseSwings said...

I am thankful for that quality in you as well!
I'll need you day and evening numbers please because now I know who to call to bail me out of whatever, whenever. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and especially enjoy kicking back and lovin' Friday!

Debra Kay said...

Well, Friday thing about it-the BIRD is in heaven-things to watch (small humans) and scream orders and wise things too. If nothing else, he's going to have a blast and honestly, I'm hoping he'll work his magic on my entire family and let them have a blast too.

studio lolo said...

Funny you added that comment because I came here to say...just put Oliver in charge!
I imagine you'd be very good in the trenches. Some of us can keep our wits entirely about us to get things done, and if needed we can crumble later.
I do hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. I'm sure Friday will be a bigger blessing :)

soulbrush said...

i want to say right here and now that i love you debra kay, totally and absolutely and unconditionally. You're my kinda people!!!that's all i wanna say!

Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

kj said...

debra, kay, you good in the trenches? no doubt about it. i think your challenge is not absorbing other people's issues, esp. your family's!

my hope for you in 2009: more indulgent quiet and wild time for yourself, and faster exit times when it stops being okay!

i love your spirit, debra kay.


Debra Kay said...

Oh lord, a backed up sink, a draino spill in the living room, and two runaway incidents (Prissy is such a naughty dog).....By 3 pm I was done-and that was just my immediate family.

I didn't stay for the main onslaught, my stomach hurt and my foot was swollen, so I dropped off my food offerings and left after a brief visit, where I had to repeatedly say "I'm tired, the dogs are tired"....because we didn't feel like putting on a dog an pony show again. Apparently the late arrival thought we'd done nothing for two days before she and her family got here, and wanted the entire recap.

I just don't think an exhausted handler and some pretty wired kids is a good mix for any animals....and I got a little annoyed (not at the kids) but the adults because they animals are not just toys to take out and play with.....grrrr.

studio lolo said...

My Corgi client wanted to cancel all company for Thanksgiving as long as her dog is under nursing (my) care. The dog is doing fantastic, but she just couldn't bear the thought of any little ones running a round and screaming and upsetting the status quo. She kept asking me if something was wrong with her because she was more concerned about the dog and had no desire to see her grandkids.
It will be interesting to see how it all worked out. I may have one tuckered out patient when I go over there later.
Man oh man I wish you peace all day DK !