Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Animal Wednesday-Oliver Observes

I quite understand the obsession with possessions. I do not like it when someone messes with my toys, my toilet paper rolls or my food. BWAK. The nerve. But really-magazines and tv shows full of humans telling other humans what to do with all your stuff? Madness. If you need someone to tell you how to manage your stuff, maybe you have too much stuff.

And then this thing-this Thanksgiving where you kill a big old bird, eat a lot of food (well, I can relate to eating-though not of fowl) and give THANKS for your stuff....but the entire month before you bitch and moan about the upcoming ordeal. Put out some bird seed and if the other humans don't like it maybe they'll leave early. When I don't want anyone around me I squawk and click my beak. If that doesn't work, a good nip usually gets the point across.

Or maybe you want them around....but you don't want them around? How can this be? Humans are so very strange. And you are always muttering about needing to finish-finish what? What will you do when you finish? How will you know when you ARE finished? Good grief humans, get a grip and dance a little more, squawk and click your beaks.


Debra Kay said...

GloWorm shed today and I really thought I'd see a lovely green snake-but instead I have a bright yellow green tree python still. The wait continues.

The model for the picture was Diego, a green burmese dwarf python-apparently in the snake realm, green is yellow and green is brown, but green is never GREEN.

Teri C said...

Happy Thanksgiving Deb!!

studio lolo said...

Great advice, oh wise one!
Oliver, what if your cage was lined with an article on how to get rid of clutter?
Oh, never mind. I think I know what you'd do!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Oliver. And oliver, don't be nipping Deb.

Debra Kay said...

Oliver is quite a pistol these days. Lot's going on and our idyllic hermit life is full of family and kids-which requires my attention to be away from the bird-something he does not really approve of.

soulbrush said...

what a beautiful picture. so yellow is green is not really green at all. i agree with oliver entirely, has anyone ever thought of the poor turkey' feelings?