Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Mom's birthday-we are going to lunch so she can get a slice of sugar free coconut pie. Our family doesn't "fuss: but woe unto those who forget.....I think it would have been easier (and still be easier) if we'd had real traditions that we'd acknowledged. That's the maddening part of my family-we DO have things we do, but we don't acknowledge them, they are never expected, unless they are missed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

You can go overboard on the traditions, but really, if nothing matters, but it secretly does matter, is it any wonder that I'm confused?

Mom will enjoy her lunch, insisting the entire time it really isn't necessary. In the past I've often felt silly for insisting we do something-but now I know that it really IS necessary, so I won't feel silly.


Mim said...

Sometimes its the accepting that helps

studio lolo said...

I think birthdays are important to remember, and a piece of pie seems just right!
I never forget anyone's b'day, but it's amazing how many don't acknowledge mine. I had to let that go! But we all like to be remembered in our own way and mine is a simple card or a phone call.
And maybe some money :D

kj said...

i've come to appreciate my own birthday, and i've come to like it when peop;e who matter to me do too.

i hope your mother can secretly let herself feel the love. you are a good daughter.


Debra Kay said...

Lunch was nice, we were all on good behavoir.

Julie said...

LOL...ain't it the truth??? I am guilty of this too...never want any recognition on my birthday, but then....(well, maybe I do)!

soulbrush said...

your mom was secretly thrilled to be spoilt, i just know she was, happy birthday mom. did oliver sing for her? does she like oliver?

Michele said...

My mom used to be like that at Christmas. I'd go out of my way to save money and buy her one really nice gift. And then she'd be so disappointed when she opened it and found out there wasn't anything else to open. I finally clued in and started buying her a bunch of little stuff instead. We're all much happier now.