Saturday, October 25, 2008

Woof Woof Woof

Greta is barking about something and Oliver the Parrot is fussing at her. I have a bit of a cold and Moonie got his big boy shots today. The vet (a substitute vet) pissed me off. I'm driving Pappi-the stray, to his new home tomorrow-will probably see some pretty leaves and certainly some pretty dogs (he's going to a border collie breeder I know-Paps make good agility dogs and her daughter is going off to college next hopefully it will all work out).

I'm looking at the giant snake segment Lolo mentioned....that is one old snake. Fluffy, the retic at the Ohio zoo (and formerly a resident of OKC) is, in a word, too fat. OK , two words. The snake on TV looks to be a good girth for one that size. A snake facility is an odd place-and probably nightmarish to someone who doesn't like snakes, but I always enjoy a visit to a well kept one. A snake brain isn't like a human brain, any more than a birds is, or a dogs-but there is something going on in there, somewhere. Snakes really don't have warm fuzzy thoughts, but they do have thoughts.

I was watching a taped version of "Change your Brain, Change your Life" and during the first segment the fellow was saying that the human brain had more connections than stars in the universe. I find that hard to believe that a finite form could be larger than an infinite form. I think that's just a human centric assertion-and one that can't be proven. For some reason, that statement really annoyed me. Maybe it's cause I have a cold.


MuseSwings said...

Sorry you have a cold! I'm sure it has a lot to do with how things went for you today. I took my dog to the vet a while back and it was a substitute vet - pissed me off too - so maybe it wasn't your cold...

Mim said...

sometimes things happen in my day that annoy me and yes, I get pissed off at everything. Last weekend my camelback leaking and it was just the last straw and I threw it into the basement and won't even talk to it.
Now does that sound like a sensible person? Nope but what the hell - I felt better!

soulbrush said...

i too have felt uber grumpy the last few days...blame it on the weather...and a head cold doesn't make for a serene person. lotsa wfs and chicken soup to you today!

kj said...

count me in in the grumpy club. i'm irritated by everything!


studio lolo said...

Hmmm. My moods have been great, but then again hubby has been in FLA for a few days :D
Actually, that's not why! We've been having Indian Summer-like weather and I'm loving the sunshine! Ironically hubs is back today and so is the fog.
Just sayin!
I hope your cold passes soon. Ugh. And so glad you saw that big snake!