Friday, October 3, 2008

Hmmm, what do I want to say

What do I want to say today
To be read tomorrow
That's always a mind bender for me.  My mind is easily bent.

Moon is in the kitchen in an X pen getting a dose of sounds-the Parrot is talking and playing with his Young Einstein singing phone.  The cat is on a cabinet staring at him.  It's a lot for a young dog to take in I suppose.

Out of the blue, my aunt dropped by with a cute dog purse.  I can't remember the last time that someone just brought me something cause they thought I'd like it-it felt pretty good.   Well, yes actually I do-I mean in real life, not from the blogosphere.  In real life people tend to give me things they think I should have (if I were more like them).

Moon is struggling with an age old conundrum-the house Xpen is a shorty-meaning he can, with some effort, climb out.  But, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

All the dogs have varying difficulties with the concept that they are locked up and someone else is not.  Mostly Moon's problem is just that he's an undisciplined puppy and the cat is happily tormenting him.

A dog's whine always triggers the "bad man's voice" in Oliver.  He's being very harsh now, then yelping after he punishes the long ago dog-Slim.  Poor Slim must've gotten hell.  I always wish him well when Oliver goes through his dog training bit.

Shit, I forgot to time the temper tantrum and now Moon is asleep.  It doesn't matter I suppose, each incident (for a dog) is new.  Moon is rapidly hitting early teenage hood, and that is always a joy.  Oliver (the dog) was/is probably the easiest teenage dog I've ever worked with.  Moonie is independent enough to raise the bar to a whole new level.  Heaven help us.

My horoscope today reads "It's a good time to go looking for inspiration.  You may want to check out your old standbys, but it's a better bet to seek it in places you've never tried before.  Things are getting more interesting by the day".   That wouldn't be hard to do-I've been kind of wrapped up in a shawl of despair lately.   I've tried acknowledging and accepting it-and now despair and I just sort of sit and look at each other and think "what's next?"

Until I figure that part out I do stuff like have cement pads poured on the side of the house (for a dog run, half grass, have cement, I LOVE IT already) and teach my dog how to open doors and turn on lights.  And sometimes I curse myself cause I still look for that pony under the pile of shit.


soulbrush said...

you 'see' is all so clearly, mostly my life is a blur round me....i choose not to focus on too many details. horoscopes...are just that HORRORS!

Debra Kay said...

Sometimes I think I need to blur the vision and soften the edges-I can get lost in the details.

studio lolo said...

Where do you go to get your horoscope? I like Susan Miller at She gives the whole monthly forecast at the beginning of each month.
I would have pegged you for a Sagg :)Or maybe Capricorn. But I suck at that, obviously!