Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day Out

I'm taking Pappi to his new home in Westville Oklahoma. We'll be accompanied by Moonie-because his new home is a breeder associated with Moonies breeder-and actually his father, Sage will be there. It will be fun to see how Moonie stacks up with his kin, and he'll probably enjoy being around other border collies.

As for me, I m very much looking forward to day outside.


MuseSwings said...

My word verification on this post is "fartie"! I was totally distracted ...what was I going to say? Oh - yes- have a wonderful day out of doors and a safe trip. Now I must type in that word verification to post this.

soulbrush said...

what a good word verification that is mim...enjoy the day!

studio lolo said...

You're a great doggy angel Deb :)
The world needs more folks like you!

My WV is CHEMO. I'm not going there!