Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Second Guessing Game

As part of my trying Ritalin (or any drug that is any how related to mind or mood) I was on a hiatus from any big decisions.  I tried something new this time-no decisions-but I examined a lot of stuff in my life.

One thing I immediately noticed was that I was able to look at things without a lot of anxiety because I didn't have any decisions to make-I was just looking.   I also just typed and erased "we can't always go on decision hiatus".  The truth is-most of life's decisions don't have to be made overnight-we just think they do.

Even the animals like to sleep on it.  When training a new behavior, I introduce the behavior find a stopping point and let it go.  Usually, after a little time to rest and reflect-the critter gets it.

How many times have you ramped up for a diet by binging on sweets?  That makes me laugh right now because it makes absolutely no sense.  I am going to instill a new behavior by doing the opposite....and we all know how that usually works out.  But, it's actually no different than saying to you "I am going to train your dog to come to me by slapping it every time it gets near me."

Right now I'm revisiting several new insights a week or so later to see if they still look good.  This is a huge change for me-as I usually rocket off with each new idea.  What a concept-testing and thinking about an idea before acting on it.  Yet, I would do that all the time in business-I rarely did business things based on a "hunch".

I feel better as I've come to realize I do have the skills to get the life I want-I just need to apply them in new areas of my life.  


Mim said...

Hmmmmm--- you hit home with the sweets comment....hmmmmmm

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful revelation. Just sit back and let it happen.

studio lolo said...

I'm a very impulsive person. I need to work on changing that. That's how I married my first was an "oh what the hell" moment!! We had only known one another for 6 weeks. Gee, I wonder why THAT was a disaster ;P

I like the idea of thinking about something long enough and then trying it. And the diet thing??? I'm working on it, again.


kj said...

lots of times we think it's time to decide when it's actually time to explore. lots of times the very information needed to decide appears just at the time of the decision....

keep going,