Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Rain but it's pouring

This seems to be a year where death pops up everywhere and in places you weren't expecting it.  I don't even mention it here every time someone dies because after awhile it gets to be almost unbelievable.

I got word of a friend who passed away yesterday and I'm shaken to the core.  Another one?  REALLY?

It never gets any easier does it?  The expectation that some of life's challenges would be like learning math or a new hobby-easier over time-is just wrong.  Loss never gets any easier and it never will.


kj said...

debra kay, i am very sorry.

i agree with you. sometime i hear and i even tell myself that bad sad hard things happen for reasons, that they help us grow etc and sometimes i think, 'bullshit! the only purpose for this is no purpose!"

find joy in the sorrow. i keep hearing that.

lean on your friends, debra kay. please count me among them.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Loss of a loved one is never easy. I don't care what they say.

Mim said...

nope, it's never easy and it sucks. Plain and simple.

studio lolo said...

jeez Deb, I'm so sorry. It must have been someone in your WL group?? No matter, you lost a friend and I'm sorry about that.


Michele said...

I'm so sorry Deb. I hope you don't experience anymore sadness for a long, long time. I'll send happy thoughts your way.