Friday, June 4, 2010

Progress Update

Casper is scheduled to go off to training next week-and I'll be joining him.  We found a wonderful trainer in the area who specializes in middle age women who are a bit timid but want to learn.  Ok, I made the specializes part up-but a lot of her clients are just that.  IN THE AREA is so important-I'll be able to go ot twice a week and ride and visit.  Many trainers do not want visits or to give lessons, and that is why I haven't sent him before.

Casper is not just any horse, he's MY horse.  I can evaluate him and know his failings and shortcomings, and couldn't care less-he gets, oh, about 48 years of pent up, starved for a horse,  love.  We've had slow beginnings because I knew nothing, and had to teach myself how to get involved in the horse community etc, but I'm getting the hang of it now.

I won a breeding to a very nice stallion last week-had a moment of thinking maybe I'd by a mare.....but I am going to either sell or give away the stud service.  I can't afford another horse, and I'd be about 55 before this new horse would even be rideable assuming I could afford training.  I'm better off spending that time riding and loving the horse I have.

I am not sure where this blog is headed.  I thought about creating a new one for a new direction, but the truth is, it's always just been about what's in my head at the moment-so we'll just stay here-me and the voices in my head.


Mim said...

how interesting to go to training - wow. sounds like something I would love if I (1) had the time and (2) could afford it and (3) had a horse.

Don't go 'way Deb - I like to see what's in your head.

studio lolo said...

oooh, good decision about not getting another horse and loving the one you have ;)

Hey, I thought of you today as I saw a crazy headline about a couple who are getting married in a shark tank!! I think it was in Asia somewhere.

I'm with Mim. Don't go away. We love reading what you care to share.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You will learn as much or even more than Casper no doubt. Great choice. I will continue to look forward to your various posts. After all you are you no matter how you decide to post about you world.

Robin said...

Deb - I am echoing everyone are making sound, wise decisions... this training will bring you and Casper even closer....what could possibly be better? He sounds like a wonderful are so lucky to have him!

And....keep your blog is interesting and most of all, it is heartfelt.

We will all be thinking of you and Casper as you embark on this new adventure. Keep us posted!


♥ Robin ♥