Monday, June 14, 2010

All Wet

I am fine, and I appreciate the concern from those who asked.  We don't live near a river, and the street flooding hasn't threatened the house at all.  The backyard floods, but runs off into the street.  I got a break in between storms around 8 pm and dashed over to sonic for ice and milk so I don't have to go out.

I've heard the streets are a mess and I'm sure down by the river is not pretty.  Casper's regular stable is on the river, but he's at horsey camp right now, so he's safe too.

Moon has decided to be thunder phobic-so 24 hours of Thunderstorms is wearing on him, but the other dogs are stoic.  I think, like people, the rain makes them sleepy so they just sleep.  I stuck Oliver the Parrot out in the dog room today and he talked to them allllllllll day-so everyone is exhuasted and hopefully will sleep well tonight.

I cannot lie-I haven't watched the news and I slept all day too-I worked outside Fri/Sat/Sun at a dog trial and am was just exhausted.  I didn't plan on taking it this easy today-but I'm glad I did-nothing like sleeping away a rainy day.


Anonymous said...


Mim said...

so glad you and the animals are safe - we've been worried.

love and kisses to Oliver and all the doggies, and casper too!

studio lolo said...

yay!! It's funny when you watch the news and if you know someone in that area you think they MUST be affected.
When we lived in Monterey and there was an earthquake in L.A. 500 miles away, folks here would call in the middle of the night asking if we were okay! Yes, please look at a map before calling so late :P

Glad you and the kids are doing okay and sleeping the day away.


Robin said...

Sleep is a good remedy to get through rainy days! I am happy and relieved you and the "Gang" are all ok...and thankful Casper is away at "school".

You have been in my prayers.


♥ Robin ♥

Debra Kay said...

I'm still waiting to here from some friends-but lines are down, etc. so I'm not too concerned.

I think (I know) that it's bad for some people, but the news seems to make it look more widespread than it is. Still, if it's your house under water, it sucks. I am very grateful that me and mine are OK.

kj said...


i too am super glad you are okay.

and hee hee, i still haven;t recovered from ptown!


Michele said...

Oh my, I finally getting around to reading my fav blogs and I discover you're having yucky weather again ... The Oakies seem to have the most sever weather ... glad you are all safe.

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