Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm all righ

Little ground hog dancing scene from Caddy Shack.  Storms to the north of me-storms to the south-nothing in the middle with me.  Whoops-didn't get me did you Mother Nature?  Not this kitty.

It is considered poor form to gloat if your house didn't get blown away because someone else's did-but oh yeah-safe again.  Really does celebrating MY good fortune have to mean I'm happy about your misfortune?   Those storms were a nasty business but not only am I extremely GRATEFUL that I didn't get hit-I'm pretty stinking happy about it too.

I think sometimes we get bogged down in the frightful spectacle of what could have happened, and what did happen to other people-and forget to do the happy dance for the fact it didn't happen to us.  Not me-I'm happy.  I bet there would be less PSTD in the world if people would focus not on the what almost happened but on the DIDN'T part.

I also think people who are suffering from "survivor's guilt" are looking for control they don't have and will never have.  You don't get to choose which house the twister drops on-so if you are feeling guilty I think you need to get over yourself and go out and help someone who did get hit.

The Non-Native Okies are particularly shook up.  My advice is if you are going to live here the sooner you learn to cope with it the better.  The weather is not going to change.  Well, that isn't true-in Oklahoma it changes every few minutes.

I'm not mocking Mother Nature either-Death always wins in the end-I'm just celebrating my temporary victory....wooo hooooo hoooo!


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Mim said...

Gad Deb - been thinking of you and wishing and hoping and praying that you were not flying around dropping your house on wicked witches. what a weather pattern this is - amazing. Please keep doing the happy dance and then take a chance and go to provincetown where we don't have tornado's (she said confidently).

Be well...