Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missouri and weird weather

Solo and I went to Missouri for four days with a friend and her border collie for a border collie seminar.  We had great fun and learned a lot-first vacation type thing I have had in over a year.  I savored every moment.

Yesterday, home again, I worked at an agility trial for the Irish Setter National Specialty.   I started out freezing cold, shivering and miserable and ended the day with fewer clothes and uncomfortably hot.  That's Oklahoma weather for you.  I still haven't planted the garden because we shoot up to the nineties and then down to near freezing again.  My garden will be late but I'd rather plant it just one time-and really-there is NO deadline.

I missed my moleskinne art project deadline-oh well.  The things I did instead of doing that were at the time more important and mostly related to helping other people out.  I am learning to realize sometimes missed deadlines ARE a choice, but if I am ok with the choice I need not beat myself up about it.

I am much better about saying "no" in general-but I am not going to not help someone who is injured or ill because I need to write in my moleskinne for an art project.  I vaguely believe that good deeds come back to you in a good way-so maybe my next project will be really awesome or something.

My body is pretty tired though-I was tired when I left for Missouri, tired when I came home and I'm tired today.  BUT I'm meeting someone to work with their border collie puppy so I guess I will rest tomorrow.  At least I'm sleeping well and the weather has been so bizarre I've skipped my usual spring insomnia.

I always find a silver lining-and I'm ok with that.


Snowbrush said...

I envy you your association with dogs. Mine blue heeler is 13.5 years old and blind, so she's a very different dog than she used to be.e

Mim said...

Sleeping well is worth an awful lot