Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looks can Deceive

These little guys are cunning-and there are three of them on the shelf.  The tail to the right does not belong to the head to the left.

I spent several days chasing them and putting them back in their cage only to rinse and repeat.  I finally gave up and put them n a different cage until they get a little bigger.

The culprits are baby peach faced love birds.  Their peach will become more vibrant and the black on their beaks will fade-earlier in the week the beaks were completely black.

I know this in part because I spend a lot of time looking at them after I catch them.

My aunt gave me two adult females and these three babies-the hope is one is a male.  I don't know how to tell-but the birds do so that is all that really matters.


Mim said...

They are adorable and I've heard they are good pets - right? What does Ollie think?

kj said...

hey! how are you? i haven't forgotten you or your friendship, dk ♥

Cheynne said...

Deb, where are you?