Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Goin to Graceland.....err, Scottyland

So the fellow that dreamed up these little Scotty trailers was quite the visionary. He even built a trailer park as a destination spot for Scotty 0wners-aka Scottyland. www.scottylandrvresort.com

And, unlike the factory, Scottyland still exists. There is an annual gathering in August. My midlife crisis now has a pilgrimage and a destination. We are going to Scottyland. Not everyone gets to climb Mt. Everest or swim with the Great White Shark-although don't count me out of the last one just yet.

My life lately has been odd. I sent a series of e-mails to Sue last summer entitled "Greetings from the Rabbit Hole" and that was a pretty accurate statement. To summarize a long and complicated story-I was suddenly pulled back from an aimless if not carefree existence into the realm of family and responsibility (only without the small children). And it's been a good thing for me, I'm not complaining. But suddenly I am cooking pot roasts for relatives and having Christmas at my house and for me, that's a big change.

Jay watched the girls and Sue and I flew to California in October to pick up a car and drive it back to Texas. As a child I made that drive yearly, but as an adult I tend to just fly everywhere. I loved it. I loved the little Italian place in Tehachapi with live Saturday night entertainment. I loved Albuquerque and I loved the strange little roadside store built to resemble a meteor. We detoured slightly (a l0t) and went to Monterrey and drove down to big Sur. (AND I got to SEE the GREAT WHITE SHARK). I loved all that. I am ready for more.

Of course, the Scotty must be made ready and I hereby vow not to make any trips until I am healed enough to walk without....ewww, that's a tough one. Because it's actually EASIER to walk in the orthopedic boot than it is to walk once it's taken off. OK, any trips towing the Scotty until I am able to walk pretty well in the orthopedic boot. OH OH, I have a better one-any trips towing the Scotty until I am able to practice hooking, unhooking and parking. THERE. Why not let skill rather than physicality dictate?

The great gathering at Scottyland isn't until August-I calculate full use of all my limbs no later than May-plenty of time for some practice runs before hitting the road for real.

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