Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Contact with an Extraterriestrial

Transcript from a conversation I had while washing my hands in the bathroom (my thoughts in italics).

ET-I noticed you were using a cane so I asked HR about you. I hear you are having surgery, I hope everything goes ok

Me Oh, thank you (why didn't you just ask me)

I try to walk out the door-ahh, I'm too slow

ET I just want you to know people like you make me realize how lucky I am.

Me Huh?

ET You know, people with canes and disabilities, I had a real bad drive in to work today, and then I saw you and realized I don't have it so bad after all.

Me Oh (Ok, I know she means well so I will just react to her intent and not what she's saying and get out of here) Well, we do take things for granted

ET Yes we do, and because of you limping around with that cane, I will have a better drive in from now on. Thank you.

Me Oh no, thank YOU. Have a great day, gotta run to lunch now.......

(Oh god, is she going to hug me? You know, giving her a better drive in to work makes all this pain and limping and stuff so much more meaningful. I was quite silly to keep my foot problems to myself when so many deserving people could have benefited by my sharing with them that I am in excruciating pain much of the time, my leg is withered and atrophied and I can't walk straight on one foot. It will make THEIR day better if they only knew.)

But, after chuckling about it, I got to thinking-this person is also skinny. So would it have been rude to ask "Well, when you saw me WITHOUT the cane, weren't you grateful you didn't have a big old fat ass?"

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