Monday, January 15, 2007


I need a ball mount and a ball, and apparently there are plethora of them available.
For $75 the soon to be former owner will deliver the trailer, and I'm going for it! Sometimes it's better to pay someone to do it than to do it yourself.

I WANT this Scotty (and more importantly I want to buy one when it's cold and the prices are a bit lower) but tomorrow I take Greta to the orthopedic surgeon to learn the fate of her leg and on February 9th I am having my own ankle rebuilt. In between now and then I am coordinating Greta's surgery, moving some of my furniture to the old folk's home (where Greta and I will be staying while we recover).

Now here is an interesting dilemma. Stay with me now-it's about to get a little rough. I haven't told my parents about the Scotty because they are so concerned about the surgery-but my mom is a great seamstress. If I go ahead and fess up, I can tap into that by getting her to work on the curtains (and maybe the cushions) when I take the two little spotted dogs up for dogsitting.

But, she's already a bit worried about the surgery, and even more worried about me checking into the old folks home with a three legged dog that I just picked up a couple of weeks ago. Now don't YOU worry-the "old folks home" sits right on my favorite in town lake (Whiterock Lake) and it's where my Uncle John lives-if it's good enough for Uncle John it's good enough for me and Greta.

The current plan is to stay there until I am steady on crutches/wheelchair and then go home and finish recovering and thus avoid being "taken care of". It' s not just a matter of independence, it's a matter of practicality-if someone is in my house "taking care of me" I will have to play hostess/visit and I need to work as much as possible in order to pay for all these things.

So now, in order to be most efficient with time, I need to unveil the Scotty *before* the surgery as opposed to dealing with it the next time my parents came to visit. As a matter of timing, it probably wouldn't be that long *after* the surgery anyway. But I just got a well meaning lecture about taking on too much, although frankly, the Scotty is a lot less of a chore/expense than the chihuahua (s).

Now mind you, I AM and adult and I don't need to justify purchasing one small trailer-but I must be sensitive to the worries and concerns of my elders. Oh well, I have a couple of weeks before the doggy-drop, so I can probably come up with something diplomatic and benign and completely stress free to tell them.

It was much easier the first go round, I just packed my clothes and left. Things get complicated as you get older, don't they?

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