Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another step

Mom moved into assisted living today.  It's a nice place and she's wanted to go there for several years now-so the experience was not anywhere near as bad as it could have been.  That said, there was a finality to it all that was sobering to us both, and I'm sure scary.

She doesn't really know what the rest of her life will be-I don't know what the rest of her life will be, nor what mine is going to look like either.  Yes yes, none of us do, but typically we have a greater illusion of knowing than we do at the moment, and at THIS moment, I miss my illusion.

But mostly, I think we are both just exhausted.  I came home, cut Solo's nails and went to sleep for a couple of hours.  I woke up to let the dogs out, will eat something, put the dogs up and go back to bed.  Tomorrow I'll spend time in my home for the first time in months-then go do some picture hanging at Mom'/s new digs.  Then I'll get ready to go back to work on Thursday.

So Mom is in a new place, Dad is in the ground (and a stream) and I'll just take things one step at a time because the only long term plan I could come up with at the moment would be to go catatonic.

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