Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm still here

In a  bit of transition of a transition-and can't speak much of it now.  It's big and earth shattering (for me) and I really despise people who do what I am doing now but know I'm still around and will share when I can.

This may be the most frightening, daring, heartbreaking thing in all my life EVER.  If it comes to pass it will be because it is suppose to be-and I have no regrets about sticking my neck on the line because it was clearly the right choice.  Notice I didn't say "I had no choice"....I'm owning the choice right up front too.  Yay me.

Now excuse please while I go back into the fetal position for awhile longer.


kj said...

now you know your friends, like me, are either excited or worried, or both.

debra kay, sending you everything good. please blab the news as soon as you can. :^)


Mim said...

I'm with KJ. Sending love and support. Mim