Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ok here it is

I really don't like posting cryptic stuff and no one but friends read this any here goes.

I may have my grandchild (who I have never met) as a resident for a time.  Child protective services is involved and I am not sure if it will happen, if so when, or for how long.  I know she is 5 years old and her name is Zoey.

In a nut shell, my daughter asked and I said yes.  I even thought about it before saying yes, but it all became overwhelming to think about so I just said yes.  I know I think too much sometimes, and sometimes I don't think enough.  But this was a pretty clear YES situation.

So, while working through my fledgling business, what I want to be when I grow up, failing finances.....I am trying to figure out to incorporate a 5 year old into the mix.  Daddy almost died last December-but he's still here and so is Mom.  Clearly the universe is telling me it's not time to head out on the rowdy road or go on Safari.

I bounce between being excited, scared, angry and combos of all the above.  That said I do enjoy situations where action is clearly needed and I am the one who must act.  I spend so much time in life's little grey areas, that a nice shot of clarity is refreshing.

I also gave up cussing and video games for lent and with this new development my head may explode-but I've not played a video game and I only owe 12.00 to the cuss jar.


kj said...

call or write me, debra kay. i know alot about this.

i have to say i am happy for you and your granddaughter and i know you will be a wonderful grandmother for her.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you are in for the roller coaster ride of your life. 5 is a good age. Best of luck to all.

studio lolo said...

Wow. So, you're back in touch with your daughter?

I think it's great that you'll be meeting Zoey and helping in some way. But I can also see why your head feels like exploding.

Jeez Deb. Good luck with all of this. And I'd take KJ up on her advice to help.

Nice seeing you on the blogs again, by the way!


Debra Kay said...

Lo-"In touch" is an email with a phone number asking me to call about Zoey...and a request to take her.

Realistically-getting Zoey in a better place may be my daughter's way of making it ok to do whatever it is she does next. I'd like to think she's going to take care of her business and get straightened out-but truthfully I don't know and it's not up to me.

I sketched a lion fish (started out as a zentangle) on a paper bag waiting for the meat truck to arrive. I thought of you

Isn't it interesting that for emotionally charged situations like this the first thing you must do is set emotion aside and figure out things with logic? I guess emotions give you the hint and logic is how you map the way-there is a famous quote that says that better-I think I just butchered it nicely.

Mim said...

Guess my earlier comment never made it.

I'm worried about Zoey - does she know her mother doesnt want her?
Deb - I hope it all works out for the best for all of you. What a huge thing this would be and what would be yout legal protection - would you be her official guardian?
Good luck - whatever happens and call, write, email with whatever you need ok?

Debra Kay said...

Lisa-that aint the half of it....LOL.

Debra Kay said...

Mim-a condition of her being here will be that I have guardianship-I need to be able to get her to a doctor and enroll her in school.

Heather would claim she wants Zoey and she is her life-but apparently not enough to stop doing drugs or hanging out with trashy people.

I am still not convinced she isn't just doing this to get back at the custodial person moreseo than concern for her daughter-or maybe a little of both.

I honestly cannot fathom it-I would never have put anyone's welfare, even my own-before my own child. Because I have never met Zoey, I can't even claim to feel connected-I just know there is a small person out there that I can help, I was asked for help, I'm gonna help.

Mim said...

thinking of you and hope all is going OK

soulbrush said...

I am back in bloggyland and came for a visit to say HI, and glad I did. What a wonderful thing for you to give this child, stability and to know her grandmother. I know you will do a splendid job and I am sure that your parents will get a whole lot from this experience too. Thinking of you at this time.