Saturday, September 18, 2010

Try try try

I'm working on the decluttering dehoarding thing-it's slow going and painful.  Honestly though-if I were to be completely frank (like I ever am anything else BUT) it's not really any harder than any other hard task.  When I get overwhelmed-I sit back and try to evaluate-is this on a 1-10 scale really THAT hard?  I'd give it a 7-and and 5 or 6 if I'm really working well at it. 

Even what has become my standard wailing point-"It just takes sooooooo long"...isn't really a valid point.  Grad school took 18 months-this is taking a few weeks.  Well shit.  I'm getting really good at overcoming my own objections-without-and this is key-turning around at attacking myself for having them.  Lazy, good for nothing, stupid....nope-just stubborn and offering my opinion-kind of like several dogs and a horse I know of.

Oliver is helping too-when I find something I go "OH Look at THIS" and he's delighted with whatever I find-even if it's garbage.  He just likes to feel involved.  His favorite response is "GOOD LORD" unless it's something he wants for himself-then it's "oooooooooooh" and he proceeds to make himself as charming as possible.  We have a lot of boxes and bags around right now-but there are plenty of paper sacks I can spare for him to shred-so he's a happy guy right now.

The kitties are off for their surgeries-and he's NOT happy about that.  He saw them leave (one was using his special carrier) and he doesn't like that at all-no no no.  He keeps asking me "You want a kitty?" and he meows a lot.  They'll be back Monday and all will be well.  For some reason, in his birdy brain, the kitties belong to him.  I don't know why, but it's clear he believes that they are his and my job is to clean up afterward and feed them.

Casper is going on pasture rest and maybe permanent retirement-and I have leased a gelding to ride for now while this all plays out.  It really kind of bothers me because Casper did not like Socks-but Socks was available and he's the right size, training level, etc. so I try not think about that part.  Socks thinks he's hit the mother load because I don't ride that much or that hard-so Easy Street suits him fine.


Mim said...

I am starting to get overloaded with stuff and books. I keep saying that I need a day to clean it all up - but what I really need is a few weeks to sort and organize. My trouble is that I keep starting new projects - even in the midst of cleaning. I'll be working on cleaning up an area, will find a cute/interesting item, and idea will hit and boom - new project and more mess.
oh well....
kisses to Oliver

studio lolo said...

My studio tables, dining room table and kitchen counter have mountains of messes on them. I'm a bit overwhelmed myself and pissed when I let it get out of hand. Last week's medical scare set me back, and now that I'm 99% sure my cancer isn't back I still don't want to tackle the mess!
I did watch a hoarding epeisode last night where the lady had 87 dogs and a dozen or more cats in a trailer! She surrendered (with great difficulty) all but 2 dogs and a cat. My heart broke for her because she truly loved them and this particular hoarder took great care of them.
Still, seeing them all together was hard. It's not the way they wanted to live.

Good luck with the piles of stuff. You can do it!!

Robin said...

Debra seems to me that you are making progress.....slow progress is better than NO progress....

Clutter (in varying degrees) happens to all of us. Living in a one dining table functions as my "office desk"...and after many, many months of sadness, I "awoke" one morning to mounds of papers etc. It took me all day to clear it away and organise it...and that was just one table's worth!

You can do ARE doing it!

The kitties will be fine....and Casper - well,I think being "retired" to graze and relax and be petted sounds good to me!

As for Oliver....I just adore him! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful "friend"!


♥ Robin ♥

Lucky Larson's said...

I happened across your blog by randomly clicking NEXT BLOG. I too have hoarding tendencies, but have read so many clutter books I could teach the classes! BUT it wasn't until I read a book that helped me understand WHY I keep stuff (not just tell me how to toss, keep, or stash it), that I was really able to let go of some of my things. I have one room in my house that is still pretty full of stuff, but I have been able to clean out (and give/throw away) the rest. One of the best books I read is by a guy named Mike "Mexico" Nelson called "Stop Clutter from stealing your life".
Hope that helps you!

Mim said...

just stopped by to say hello - how are ya???