Sunday, January 12, 2014

Re Imagine That

I couldn't wrap my head around a really good way to use Reimagine this month, so I came up with this....Whenever I am stressed about something I ask myself how I can reimagine it. I think it's a little bit like the old cognitive therapy shtick where you challenge your self defeating thoughts. But, it does seem t work. I usually think of some solution, or sometimes I just think I'll think about it later. Tonight I wanted sushi. I'm doing a weekday vegetarian diet, but on the weekends I eat a little meat or fish. (I got THAT idea from watching a TED lecture.) Back to the sushi. My budget does not afford weekly 20 dollar dinners and I had sushi last week. I KNOW I can't make sushi, but then I thought about reimagining something I had on hand. So, I took some nicely smoked salmon, topped it with a little sour cream, and then spread that on some nori (dried seaweed snacks.) It's not pretty rolled sushi, but it tastes delicious and that's what I wanted tonight, something in my stomach that tasted like sushi. When I'm at the store, considering a purchase, I ask myself if I have something else at home that would serve the same purpose. I'm pretty good at reimagining household stuff and rigging up dog training equipment from what I have on hand. I'm pretty sure making it all a game rather than a resolution or a task has helped me stay with it. I'm working on reimagining my hatred of grapefruit. I'm doing it not because I think grapefruit is essential, I'm just curious to see if I can really change my mind and tastebuds about something. So far the grapefruit is sitting on the cabinet and I've worked up to speaking to it in a pleasant tone of voice. Baby steps.

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