Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's been over a year since I've posted. Blogger has changed a bit. I considered starting a new blog, more focused and less free form. Instead, I think I'll just take this blog in a new direction. One of the themes of the season is renewal. I love new beginnings. I love them so much I'm afraid I begin new things all the time, often without finishing something else. I am easily seduced by possibilities. Possibilities are untainted by reality, hard work or sub par results. My mindset lately has been on incremental change. So, when my mind turned to New Year's resolutions I got the idea for a monthly resolution rather than something for the entire year. (Fear not, I have my year long list as well, but that is not for this.) Since I also have wanted to return to blogging I decided to combine the two. So, my focus for this blog for this year will be centered around the monthly theme. I'm not going to back myself into quota for posts or a format beyond that. For January, my theme is "Reimagine" In a few minute I'm going to hop on my exercise bike and ride a 5k. Why? Well, because my leg isn't up to a 5k running or walking at the moment, but I want to support a friend who has cancer and is running 5k with her husband since she can't go to a group run as she would like. She can go to the group, and I can't run more than 100 feet, but by reimagining what we want, we'll be able to do something that is life building and sustaining. Reimagination (apparently not a real word) is a powerful thing. It can turn a picture frame into a shelf, a bathtub into a planter, and it can turn what you can't do into something you can. I am exciting about exploring this idea this month.

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