Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random things

I have been on turtle rescue, dog search and find, business junkets, vet visits, legal missions-all since waking up Tuesday morning after driving home most of the night Monday.  It's been one strange week.

Ok-it's not THAT strange-except that range of life experiences has been unusually broad, even for me.  I actually delayed legal research to go drop off the turtle in a safe location.  The legal crap got handled AND the turtle got saved.  For me-BOTH were equally important.

I think that illustrates something about me that many people just don't get, and it's nothing I can explain.  They were both equally important-that's the best explanation I can give.  I can go as far as to recognize other people would have different priorities-I just can't always buy into those alternate priority lists.

I got to revisit a bit of how corporate America thinks and runs this week-and I still don't care much for it.  I got to contemplate what is legal vs. what is moral-and how the two are often not the same thing.

Sometimes people are like turtles-basking in the road, oblivious to the dangers all around.  I think both deserve to be saved.  That's how I roll.


Mim said...

And I for one am glad you roll that way. I saw a turtle walking down the road in Sarasota recently, (rescued him but that's another story). It was the way that he was walking that was funny. He looked like he was simply out for a walk, having a good time and strolling along. His gait was unusual for a turtle and it cracked me up. But he would have gotten squashed, so I moved him - he was indignant but I knew better. That's what I told him

kj said...

i roll like you roll and i'm glad.
and not just me, count mim in for starts. etc.